Conclusion of contract

The contract is concluded when the hotel receives a written order from the customer through any sales channel. It is therefore considered that the customer fully complies with the General terms and the conditions.


A confirmed reservation is an obligation, a contract between the hotel and the customer which must be observed The booking conditions are always clearly visible before the final confirmation of the reservations.

Rental accommodation includes:

▪ rental of the selected accommodation

▪ use of the bed linen

▪ use of towels

▪ use of a public parking space

▪ free use of space for sports equipment

▪ free Wi-Fi

▪ welcome

▪ VAT, check in

The hotel makes every effort to consider additional customer wishes when booking.

The hotel is obliged to have the rooms ready for the upcoming guests, and to render the agreed services. The customer agrees to pay the agreed price for the services he or she uses/will use. The customer doesn’t have the right to additional services that were not promised to him/her or which are not in the hotel offer.

Mandatory and optional payments are indicated in the Payment and Cancellation Terms section.

Announcement to guest prior to arrival at the hotel

The hotel sends a message to the guests at least one day before arriving at the forwarded email address or telephone, in which it reminds him/her of a valid reservation, informs him/her of the possible check in time .

Check in/check out of guests

Check in

A valid identification document (passport, ID, driver’s license…) must be submitted at check in. The documents must be valid at the time of arrival and departure of the guest from the hotel. Every person staying at the hotel is required to have a valid document. If the person is not an adult, the adult person is responsible a non-adult and his/hers documents.

Sleep over of people who are not checked in into the hotel is strictly forbidden.

Booked rooms are available to the guests between 15pm and 20pm on the agreed day of arrival.

Upon prior agreement and at the discretion of employees, early check-in can be allowed to guests.

Guests receive a folder upon check-in:

▪ with all necessary information and rules for staying at the facility; they must also read it carefully and follow it;

▪ the key that opens the main door, the door of the room and ski/bike room;

▪ wi-fi access information;

▪ visiting card with contact numbers of facilities of responsible persons;

For all additional information you can ask at the reception desk or staff .

Check out

On the agreed day of departure client must leave the room by 11am, return the key at the reception and align all outstanding costs (city tax, minibar).

If the client exceeds the departure time and does not leave by 1pm, the hotel may charge him extra. On the basis of prior agreement and at the discretion of employees, guests may be allowed to a late check out. Surcharges are indicate in the chapter Payment and Cancellation Conditions.

If the costs have not been fully paid on the check-out, we will debit your credit card and notify you by your e-mail or through the channel you contacted the hotel.


The breakfast is from 7,30am to 9,30am.


Restaurant is open from 11,00am to 22,00pm.


Pizzeria is open from 12,00ma to 22,30 pm.


Hotel have  limited number of parking spaces in garage. Parking in garage is 6 Euro / 24 our. Guests can park in the public parking space infron hotel.  The parties are responsible for their cars, motors and other means of transport and the things they left in them. We are not responsible for loss or damage.

Extra bed and children

Maximum number of people in the hotel is equal to the number of beds. Children as a third person or extra person in the room are not allowed, except the children up to 3 years of age who sleep with their parents in a double bed.

An extra bed or baby cot is  available on request in any room.

Children are always welcome at the hotel. In the accommodation unit they can stay together with an adult, with the exception of families, the groups, that book multiple accommodation units at the same time.

Surcharges are indicated in the chapter Payment and Cancellation Conditions.


Groceries in the fridge are charged. Price list is attached.

Every day, during daily cleaning, the usage is checked and the consumed products are replenished. At the same time, a record of spending per room is maintained.

Minibars can only contain a hotels groceries. It is not allowed to use it for other groceries (guests drinks and food).

BIKE room / SKI room

Guests are obligated to leave all sports equipment in that room ( ski shoes). It is forbidden to walk around the hotel and in the accommodation units in ski/cycling footwear. It is also forbidden to store ski, bicycle and other sports equipment in the accommodation units.

The Bike room is locked. The guests can access it with the key.

The order and cleanliness of the hotel and the accommodation unit

The guests are obligated to take care of order and cleanliness of the hotel and its accommodation.

The accommodation units are cleaned daily. We take care of the basic cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms. If the guest’s things are on the floor, we do not move or tidy them up, we clean the unit as much as we can.

Bed linen  are changed during one booking if the reservation is at least 5 days long. In any case, we ask our guests for eco-friendly treatment, because by reducing the consumption of water and cleaners we reduce the cost of environmental protection and we care for nature.


Smoking is not allowed.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel.


For the safety of all people and things, guests are required to lock all doors every time they arrive and leave the hotel, which reduces the possibility of theft.

In accommodation is not allowed to

▪ carry food and drink

▪ carry liquid substances that can burn or explode, or substances with a strong and unpleasant  smell etc.

▪ washing and ironing


Surcharges are indicated in the chapter Payment and Cancellation Conditions.

Limitation of liability and damage caused

The hotel guarantees its contractual obligations with the care of an honest merchant.

The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage to guests property or personal injury that in any way occurs during the stay in the hotel (except for personal guests injuries that occur directly from the company’s gross negligence). The total liability of the company for damages does not exceed its value of the reservation amount.

Nothing in the contract or any other document relating thereto shall mean the exclusion of liability in the event of death or personal injury resulting from gross negligence of the company or liability for fraud or misinterpretation.

The hotel is under security camera system.

If the hotel service has a disturbance or damage, the hotel will do its best to eliminate it as soon as possible, and the guest is obliged to contribute to the elimination of the disorder or to minimize the damage.

If the guest causes damage anywhere in the hotel or on its exterior, the guest is fully responsible for that damage, the hotel, however, disclaims any liability for damage that the guest might suffer in such a case.

In case of violation of house rules or causing damage, the hotel may forbid an entry, remove the guest from the hotel and claim the compensation for damage caused.

The hotel reserves the right and the guest authorizes it, to charge his credit or debit card for any damage or theft of the item.

Payment and cancellation terms

Every reservation is confirmed only after the advance payment, and amount depends on the booking conditions that apply to the selected offer. The reservations are charged in many ways and in several parts. The offers have different conditions in terms of price, minimum number of nights and payment.

Prices are:

▪ standard rate – minimum stay 2 nights

▪ short stay rate – minimum stay 1 night

▪ non-refundable rate – minimum stay 3 nights,

▪ special offers, gift voucher, or package holiday

Payment and cancellation terms based on the selected offer

▪ standard rate and short stay rate:

▪  any time after the reservation is made, 30% prepayment will be charged and the remaining 70% will be charged 14 days or less before arrival or on the day of departure;

▪  in case of cancellation, 30% of the total amount will be charged up to 15 days before arrival and the total amount of the reservations in case of cancellation 14 days or less before arrival.

▪ non-refundable rate: a booking amount of 100% of the reservation price will be charged at any time after the reservation is made; there is no refund;

▪ in case of no-show, the entire amount of the reservation will be charged (100%);

▪ in case of early departure, 100 % of the reservation amount has to be paid;

▪ special offers, gift vouchers or packages may be subject to special conditions.

In any case we reserve the right to charge you the administrative costs associated with the cancellation.

Special offers

Offers that may be considered special offers (last minute, first minute, actions and similar), valid from the date of posting on the website until the date indicated as the end of the offer. Special offers are not valid for bookings made before the offers is made or after the offer expires. Offers are valid only under the conditions stated on the website.

Cancellation risks

Guests are advised to secure a cancellation reservation as we do not refund when paid in accordance with cancellation policy. This applies to all situations, also health.

If at check-in the passenger assumes that he or she may not be able to attend the trip due to certain circumstances (which may occur with him or his immediate family), we suggest that he or she concludes insurance for the case of cancellation with one of the insurance agencies. But we remind the guests to pay attention to the content of the insurance policy.

The right of the hotel to cancel the reservation

The hotel has the right to cancel the reservation, if the stated amount has not been paid within the agreed period. Exceptionally the hotel can cancel the reservation for real reasons (for example: due to force majeure or other circumstances (the urgency, the need to close the hotel), for which the hotel is not responsible or due to fraud or inaccurate data provided by the customer) or in a case of inappropriate behaviour of a potential guest. Payment or non-payment of an emergency cancellation depends on the arrangement and force majeure.

The hotel has the right to change the reservation:

▪ if the booked accommodation unit requires urgent unpredictable repairs that prevent the unit from being used normally and safely;

▪ if it was a double booking of the same unit; in that case, the hotel must enable the guest to stay in an equal unit, if not possible, it can be accommodate in an better ranked unit for free or in a lower ranked unit, thud offsetting the difference in unit prices; if no replacement is possible, the hotel will try to find an equal accommodation for free in place or fully offset the cost of the reservation.

The means of payment are

▪ cash;

▪ credit cards:

▪  in this case the following information must be provided: card type, name and surname of the proprietor, number, validity;

▪  credit cards accepted by the hotel are: Visa, Euro/Mastercard, Maestro

▪  all bookings require a credit card guarantee, which applies to your entire stay; at check-in, please provide the card with which you made the reservation;

▪ payment to a company transaction account

             SKB BANKA d.d. Ljubljana  , IBAN:  SI56 0313 8101 2169 376

All prices listed on this page are in euros (EUR) and include value added tax (VAT), unless explicitly stated otherwise. City tax is an additional amount of payment, which depends on actual number of persons and nights, and is therefore not included in price.

On the day of check-out, city tax and additional costs incurred during the stay have to be charged. These costs have incurred through the use of additional services provided by the hotel or as a result of the damage caused. At check-out, all outstanding costs must be paid in full.

Compulsory additional payments:

▪ City tax:


o    the tax price is prescribed municipal tax, the amount of which is adjusted annually;

o    an adult pays full legal value, and children between 7 and 18 years just half of the full value;

o    the tax is charged upon check-out.


▪ late departure: 40 eur;

▪ extra person in the unit – 25 eur per night;

▪ unregistered persons, who sleep or do not obey house rules – 80 eur.

Optional additional payments:

▪      the breakfast optional  -  9 eur per person

▪       garage  -  6 eur per 24 ur

▪       minibar – consumed products according to the given price list

Damage incurred, the value of which is estimated by the owner in terms of   costs, assembly and transports costs, and indirect damage caused by the inability to use the accommodation, part of the accommodation or service for other guests:

▪  losing a key or not returning it on departure –  30 eur

▪  smoking – 150,00 eur

▪  shattered light – 100 eur

▪  broken or damaged TV – 800 eur

▪  broken or damage minibar – 200 eur

▪  broken or damaged curtain – 200 eur

▪  damage to wooden interior elements, furniture, windows, doors, facades (collision with a car)   and similar damage will be charged based on the assessment of a repair professional.

Final regulations

These general conditions are subject to Slovenian law. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the competent court shall be the court for all disputes in Kranj.